Cancellation of our Parking Lot Easter Sunday Service

Good Friday All,

I hate to be a bearer of "bad" news, but in conversation earlier with Brother Jim and Brother Ron and with the projected stormy weather slated to come through our area on Sunday morning some time  around church time, we've decided to forego the originally planned "parking lot" Easter Sunday Service.  Our collective opinion is to err on the the side of caution and safety for ALL and, instead, do as we've done for the last several weeks.  Jim will be recording his sermon tomorrow for this Easter Sunday, April 12th.  As in the past weeks, Jim will get that to Tracie and she will post it to our website.  Friends, I pray that OUR Almighty and Loving  God continues to Bless us and our Great Country.  Fellow Christians, let's continue to Pray and keep the Faith and check on each other.  We'll get through this novel 'coronavirus' pandemic and be stronger afterwards.  Please continue to follow the various protocols that Governor Beshear and other health officials have put in place.  They appear to be working.

In Christian Love,

Earl B. Sosby, Jr.

Chair-PPRC for 2020

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