For Sunday, July 26, 2020

Good Friday Afternoon All,

On Wednesday (7/22/20), Governor Beshear made a request to the clergy/leadership of some 1,100 churches in Kentucky to forego their next 2 weeks of meetings/services to, hopefully, help curb the spread of the 'coronavirus' thing.  Brother Jim also received a letter from our Bishop requesting the same along with our cooperation, but not mandating it.  He charged that if we do go ahead and have our "indoor" service that we need to ADHERE to the most stringent of protective procedures (just like we have for the last 5 weeks) so that we don't further spread this evil.  After a fair assessment of what has been requested of our little church, Brother Jim and I feel that we've been doing (as a congregation) these things each week and that we CAN safely meet as we've been doing.  For all of this to work for us, WE MUST CONTINUE to observe/adhere to the requested guidelines (wear a mask, maintain social distancing, etc.) as we've been doing.  We left the church clean after last Sunday and we need to do that again this Sunday.  I reiterate: PLEASE CONTINUE to WEAR your mask, gloves if you have them, and use sanitizer/disinfectant as you deem necessary.  ALSO, just same family members occupying the same pew and keep the requested distance apart as much as possible.  Folks, just like before, we need YOUR cooperation in helping to stay within compliance to these guidelines.  Our church service will begin at 11:00 a.m..  Hope that you can attend with us, but DO NOT if YOU don't feel safe in doing so.

When you call around today and tomorrow to check on each other, PLEASE PASS the WORD around among members of our congregation regarding this requested procedure for our church service for this coming Sunday.  Also, let's continue to Pray for our Great Country as we continue to deal with this 'coronavirus' pandemic.  Things are 'looking' up in spite of this apparent escalation we are seeing here in Kentucky.  May God continue to Bless us ALL.

In Christian Love,

Earl B. Sosby, Jr. Chair-PPRC for 2020

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