KyUMH’s August Offering of Hope - August 30, 2020

So many youth just need to know they are loved. Meet Tina. Tina is our featured alumni for August's Offering of Hope. She grew up believing she was unwanted, with parents who hurt her emotionally and physically. She was placed at KyUMH by her social worker after bouncing from placement to placement. But KyUMH soon became more than just a place to stay. It became her home when she was given a handmade quilt, made with love. "It was great," Tina recalls, "it felt like someone really cared about me." From that day, Tina began to open up to our therapists, who helped her process the abuse in her past and make positive plans for her future. Tina went on to college, earned a degree in computer science, and is now married and a loving mother to three children. She says her time at KyUMH helped her become a good parent, and make her household "different from the one I grew up in, with all the yelling and screaming and hatred."Your gifts today means hundreds of children each year learn they are wanted. Here's how to give:

  • Mailed donation: Mail a check to 1115 Ashgrove Road, Nicholasville, KY 40356

  • Online donation: Credit card donations can be made on our website at

  • Text to give: Credit card donations can be made by texting "5thsunday" to (855)735-2437 and following instructions.

However you choose to give, know that we are grateful for your prayers, encouragement and your financial support. Our prayers are with each one of you.Give Today! Privacy Policy|

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