See You This Sunday, May 3rd

Good Friday Morning All,

In conversation this morning with Brother Jim, he will do a 'parking lot' service this Sunday, May 3 rd.  Ronnie will set up the sound system for us to hear Jim's sermon as well as our normal announcements/prayer requests.  We need YOUR cooperation in helping to adhere to CERTAIN requested guidelines (social distancing, etc.) for this to happen and stay within compliance to the current protocols by Governor Beshear and health officials.


- pull into the parking spaces with your vehicle facing the church

- leave every other space EMPTY

- STAY in your cars and don't get out unless directed by Brother Jim

- one Family to a car, please (this is requested/directed by Governor Beshear)

- tithing will be handled by Judy & Greg Wade with masks on

holding buckets as you            pass out of the parking lot at end of the service unless this gets modified during the service

As you call around today and tomorrow to check on each other, PLEASE PASS the WORD around among members of our congregation regarding this change to our church service for this coming Sunday.  Friends, I pray that OUR Almighty and Loving  God continues to Bless us and our Great Country.  Let's continue to Pray and keep the Faith and we'll get through this novel 'coronavirus' pandemic and be stronger afterwards.

In Christian Love,

Earl B. Sosby, Jr.

Chair-PPRC for 2020

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