Worship Services 11/22/2020-12/13/2020

Good Friday Afternoon All,

On Wednesday (11/18/20), Governor Beshear made a request/MANDATED to the clergy/leadership of some 1,100 churches in Kentucky to forego their next 4 weeks of meetings/services to, hopefully, help curb the spread of the 'coronavirus' thing as it surges through Kentucky (again).  Brother Jim also received a letter from our Bishop requesting the same along with our cooperation.  Brother Jim and I talked yesterday and have 'concluded' that Hutchison United Methodist Church with regress back to our VIRTUAL mode for the next 4 Sundays (11/22/20 through 12/13/20).  He texted me while I was at Ft. Knox earlier today informing me that he had already completed the sermon for Sunday, November 22, 2020, and that it was now posted on our Facebook Page and website.  I have also received an e-mail from Tracie Dunn that it is there.  Fellow Christians, please tune in and enjoy Jim's sermon and other information as we wade through this resurgence of COVID - 19 pandemic here in Kentucky.  Don't forget your "prayer requests".  Please PRAY for us ALL and let's go along with the guidance being put out by our leaders and STAY as Safe as you can.  

When you call around today and tomorrow to check on each other, PLEASE PASS the WORD around among members of our congregation regarding this requested procedure for our church service for the next 4 weeks.  Also, let's continue to Pray for our Great Country as we continue to deal with this 'coronavirus' pandemic.  Things are 'looking' up in spite of this apparent escalation we are seeing here in Kentucky.  May God continue to Bless us ALL.

In Christian Love,

Earl B. Sosby, Jr. Chair-PPRC for 2020

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